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Aintree has some fantastic choices when it comes to property investment. Its total area is around 6.8 square kilometres. Interestingly, one of its parks covers over 1.3% of the total land area. The total population of this estate was 1,349 as per the stats in 2011. The numbers soar to 1,537 by the end of 2016. A growth of around 13.9% has been recorded in 5 years. The suburb is very well-planned with lots of facilities like good schools, shopping complexes, bike, and walking tracks and so on. Aintree is hands down one of the fastest developing suburbs in Victoria.



The dominant age group residing in Aintree is 40-49 years. Most of the residents are couples with kids. Their possible mortgage must be in the range of $1000-$1399 per month on mortgage repayments. The general occupations of people residing in Aintree are drivers and machinery operators. The owners occupied around 69.5% of the homes in the year of 2011. However, this figure came down to 63.6% in the year 2016.



The overall property listing of Woodlea Estate Aintree as compared to the footfall and visits in the last month shows the high demand for property in this area. The supply is equivalent to the total number of listings every month. This indicates the investment preference of the people.



Around 68% of the houses are occupied by the homeowners, while 32% of the houses are on rent. However, the average length of ownership is also quite high due to its incredible surroundings. The current median sale prices of the homes in this area are around $590,001, whereas the median rent is about $440 per week.



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